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Coffee Enema: How it Could Support Your Liver and Restore Your Health! - Tavicare
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Coffee Enema: How it Could Support Your Liver and Restore Your Health!

After winter many of us are left feeling tired and sluggish, but with the coming spring season we focus on cleansing and rejuvenating our bodies to restore our vitality. Lack of warm weather, physical activity, and sunshine during the winter prevents us from properly detoxing our bodies due to lack of sweating and decreased lymph flow and blood circulation. On top of that, we are constantly bombarded with hundreds of toxins from our food and environment, but the good news is that there are many natural ways to support our body’s detoxification systems – and one of the most highly effective strategies is through a coffee enema.

The brief history of enemas

The body has many ways to eliminate toxins through the breath, urine, sweat, and stool. Therefore, enemas and other forms of colon cleansing can be highly effective ways to allow for the elimination of toxins and these procedures were actually used by ancient Egyptians. But coffee enemas do much more than just cleanse the colon! German researchers in the 1920s discovered that caffeine had a pronounced effect on liver and gallbladder function. Coffee enemas were also once widely respected by the medical community and were even listed in the Merck Manual as early as 1917. Dr. Max Gerson wrote extensively about the effectiveness of coffee enemas in his “Gerson Therapy” protocols for cancer patients and reported many incredible results.

How do coffee enemas actually work?

A simple water enema might be effective for cleansing the colon but using coffee in an enema takes it to a different level as the coffee absorbed through the colon has a much different affect than oral consumption of coffee. Caffeine, palmitic acid, and other beneficial components in the coffee are absorbed directly from the veins in the lower bowel that lead to the portal vein connecting to the liver and gallbladder instead of circulating through the entire blood stream. Additionally, the caffeine and other compounds also stimulate a part of the autonomic nervous system connected to the liver which increases glutathione production (the master antioxidant of the body that has powerful detoxification and anti-inflammatory effects). This also promotes bile synthesis that aids in proper fat emulsification and absorption.

The anecdotal evidence is very powerful!

The science isn’t always so clear about the many benefits of coffee enemas because it’s often challenging to get funding to support studies on these types of alternative therapies (unless maybe Starbucks would like to foot the bill!). However, the vast amount of positive anecdotal evidence speaks for itself. Many functional practitioners have utilized this effective protocol with thousands of patients for various maladies such as cancer, candida, bowel irregularity and have often seen life changing results!

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please do not perform a coffee enema unless you are under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. There are some individuals in which an enema procedure would be strongly contraindicated so you must first consult with your physician.

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