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GAPS Diet by Tavicare Medical Practice in Chevy Chase, MD
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GAPS – Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome

GAPS Nutrition

GAPS nutrition is a deeply healing protocol that results in resolution of symptoms over time for people who follow it closely. If you are beginning to lose hope in approaching a chronic or urgent health problem, you will be relieved to learn about GAPS. Also, if you have tried GAPS on your own unsuccessfully, you will be happy to learn that it is a completely different ballgame with professional help – the GAPS protocol is complex and people benefit greatly from having it broken down into simple steps. We can do that for you and have helped people of all ages to achieve success with it.

Please note:  GAPS is generally thought of as a two-year program for complete healing to occur. At Tavicare, however, we add a very important component that shortens the amount of time required for healing, sometimes to as little as six months.

What is GAPS?

GAPS stands for “gut and psychology syndrome,” a term coined by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride in 2004 to refer to the complex interplay between gut health and behavioral phenomena such as autism, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, depression, and schizophrenia. Since that time she has expanded the term to also mean “gut and physiology syndrome,” because the GAPS protocol can also be helpful to people who suffer from strictly or mainly physical symptoms. In many cases, there are both psychological and physiological symptoms.

In any case, the GAPS protocol is the same:  heal and seal the gut lining with a dietary regimen that involves:

  1. Cutting out grains, unfermented dairy, sugar, and certain starchy vegetables that feed the bad bacteria residing in your gut.
  2. Including homemade broths, soups, good fats, eggs, and probiotic foods that help feed the good bacteria and heal the gut lining.

Which of the GAPS Protocols Should I Follow?

There are two different protocols, and which one to follow depends on your particular health situation. One protocol is called the “GAPS Introduction Diet,” and the other is called the “Full GAPS Diet”.

Often Dr. Tavakoli will be the one to recommend for particular clients to be put on a GAPS protocol. Tavicare’s health coach is a Certified GAPS Practitioner who studied directly with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and has been using the GAPS protocol with clients since 2012 with great success. She will assess you during your intake, and you can decide together whether you are a good candidate for GAPS, and if so, which GAPS protocol to follow. She will then provide you with detailed weekly support and recipes to make the protocol as simple as possible to follow.

GAPS Patients WITH Obvious Digestive Issues

Although most people in society today have some level of digestive dysfunction, some people have not had normal digestion for years, and sometimes for their whole lives. This may mean they have diarrhea daily, or disruptive digestive discomfort daily, or both, or nausea and constipation, or urgent need to evacuate the bowel, making life difficult and embarrassing. People falling in this description are definitely candidates for GAPS.

GAPS Patients WITHOUT Obvious Digestive Issues

It seems counter-intuitive, but even without any obvious digestive problems, it is possible that the cause of your health problem is a “leaky gut,” and in that case, the GAPS protocol is also recommended. Particularly where there are auto-immune issues or epilepsy, GAPS is likely to be very helpful for you.