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Gluten Free Diet by Tavicare Medical Practice in Chevy Chase, MD
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Gluten Free/Dairy Free

Assistance with Living Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein found in some grains which is a very common allergen to many people, even if you do not experience obvious symptoms when you consume gluten-containing foods.  To decrease and possibly eliminate the irritation it causes your immune and digestive systems, it is necessary to avoid all grains and foods containing gluten. This may be a temporary dietary change for some, but it will need to be permanent for many. Our advice at Tavicare is: don’t think about it too much – just take it one day at a time.

Of all the foods to avoid, gluten feels like the hardest to many people – but it doesn’t need to be that way. Of course it is dismaying to learn that sandwiches are out at lunch and there won’t be any more Friday night pizza, or that the occasional donut and coffee is off limits, and that even beer has gluten. And it’s difficult to come to terms with that super convenient “pasta for dinner” option being off the table. But are all those things really true? Not at all.

Do not lose hope! Tavicare’s Health Coach, Babette Lamarre, and her family have been living gluten free for eight years, and Babette has figured out all the tricks to make the transition as easy and fun as possible. She will show you how to access some of those old habits in a gluten-free way once in a while. It won’t be long before you realize that you have some exciting and easy options – she will lay it all out for you, and provide a range of support from gluten-free foods’ best picks, to restaurants with good gluten free options, to how to travel gluten free, to assistance with menu planning and delicious recipes. Her passion and resources will inspire you, and before you know it, being gluten free won’t be a big deal anymore. (Click HERE to read about our Health Coach.)

You may not be there yet – and it may take you a while to see things this way – but some people view having to go gluten free as a blessing. Suddenly things become more black and white, and you have a real reason in social situations (and at home) to say no to a whole host of foods and beverages that are harmful to health. What an opportunity! There is suddenly a way out of all of those unhealthy habits you knew were hurting you but you could never quite get yourself out of. Congratulations! Welcome to self care. ☺

Assistance with Living Dairy Free

Giving up cheese is very difficult for most people because there is nothing that can quite substitute for its special mouth feel, flavor, and ability to melt. This makes going dairy free one of the most challenging and emotionally difficult health requirements. In addition to cheese, people miss their half and half, their milk (with or without cereal), and their yogurt. None of the substitutes come close to the experience of eating/drinking the real thing.

The good news is that part of the reason dairy is so difficult to give up is a little known fact:  dairy is physically addictive. The main protein in dairy, casein, can turn into a casomorphin, which has a mild but definite opioid effect on the brain, causing euphoria and very strong cravings.

And so why is this good news, you ask. It’s good news because once you break the cycle by staying away from dairy for a few weeks, the addictive effect stops, and avoiding dairy becomes much easier. Plus, it turns out there are some pretty good substitutes.

At Tavicare, in addition to professional training, the staff has personal experience with living dairy free, and we have worked to come up with solutions for what to do when missing a creamy texture, the soft and sweet, comforting flavor of butter and milk, or the sharp taste of aged cheddar. We offer you help for living dairy free that ranges from changing your thoughts around it, to product recommendations for satisfying texture and flavor cravings, to delicious recipes.