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Preventative Care by Tavicare Medical Practice in Chevy Chase, MD
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Preventative Care

The conventional medical model suggests that health is merely the absence of disease. Within that model, aging is thought to be a progressive deterioration of vitality that culminates in disease.  Contemporary medicine then focuses all of its resources to treat the disease with invasive diagnostic procedures, costly pharmaceuticals, and multiple surgical interventions.

Tavicare recognizes that health is more than the absence of disease.  Rather, it views health as the embodiment of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  The focus, in this new model, is away from disease and onto PREVENTION, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, hormonal balance, and meditation and prayer.At Tavicare, we practice a future model of medicine that integrates conventional, anti-aging, and functional medicine. We provide an integrative, natural, health care approach that treats the whole person to identify and address the underlying cause of disease and illness, along with access to the leading edge diagnostic testing tools and anti-aging medicine treatments. While we can’t stop aging, we can manage the process, reduce symptoms, improve function, and help you live better.

Current scientific studies have demonstrated that most adults have significantly lower levels of several essential hormones by age 40.  Those key hormones include DHEA, thyroid, cortisol, estrogen and testosterone.  Insufficient levels of these major anti-stress hormones are linked to memory lapses, mood swings, fatigue, low libido, menopause or andropause, muscle and joint pain, loss of skin elasticity, osteoporosis, and increased body fat.

This progressive decline in health, associated with lower hormone levels, was once thought to be inevitable, resulting in both doctors and patients stating the same mantra, “What do you expect; I’m getting older” or “I guess I just have to learn to live with it”.

The current scientific breakthroughs in age management now suggest that although your hormone levels may be declining (along with your health), your hormone receptors do not decline with age.  Therefore, the complications of aging can be managed by replacing the declining hormone levels with human identical hormones that can reactive your hormone receptors and start improving your health.

The Age Management Program at Tavicare begins with a comprehensive history & lifestyle evaluation to determine your specific metabolism, the status of your hormone levels and the overall functionality of your physiology.  Our program also includes functional laboratory tests for brain and body aging, metabolic errors, genetic markers, traditional risk factors, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, heavy metal toxicity, and structural integrity of your muscles and joints.

Following your comprehensive evaluation, your individual protocol will be reviewed with you by Dr Tavakoli.  Treatment programs may include diet & lifestyle modification, bio- identical hormone therapy, nutraceuticals (vitamins, enzymes, homeopathics, etc)

Ultimately, our philosophy is that “better health and functional longevity” is not an accident but rather a choice.  Come with us and experience how to regain your health and maximize your health potential.  LIVE YOUR BEST … FEEL YOUR BEST!

Tavicare prioritizes patient-centered medicine that slows the process of aging, prevents disease, and restores optimal health and well-being.


We develop a wellness program for our patients that includes:

  • Preventive and wellness medicine with advanced medical screenings, functional tests and  exams
  • A comprehensive nutrition evaluation with Dr. Tavakoli and our Health Coach, Babbette
  • A comprehensive GUT evaluation
  • Genetic factor identification and treatment
  • Hormone replacement and optimization for women & men
  • Thyroid Optimization
  • Osteoporosis prevention and treatment
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Growth hormone evaluation of the aging adult
  • Nutraceutical, herbal, and vitamin therapies
  • Selected prescription medications as needed
  • Ongoing education and personal interaction with our Physician and Health Coach through regular clinic visits, annual comprehensive evaluations handouts, phone calls, and email


Aging comes with undesirable symptoms

  • Declining sexual interest or function
  • Decreased energy, drive, and motivation
  • Increased body fat or loss of lean muscle
  • Reduction in strength and cardiovascular condition
  • Slower healing and physical recuperation
  • More injuries, muscle and joint aches, and illness
  • Irritability, anxiety, and mild depression
  • Less restful sleep
  • Slower mental function and memory

Don’t accept declining physical function and reduced activity as normal aging! Age Management Medicine is a specialized field that not only focuses on making you look, feel, and function better, but it also addresses prevention to lessen your risk of major medical conditions. It is a shift in thinking from illness to prevention!

Tavicare’s comprehensive program is focused on improving your quality of life. Our medical team develops your treatment protocol and personally monitors your progress at each visit. We tailor hormonal therapy based on your symptoms and laboratory results. We combine individualized hormonal treatments with nutrition counseling, exercise guidance, vitamin/herbal/prescription medications, and preventive medicine strategies to maximize your heath.  Expect healthier aging!