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SIBO Nutrition by Tavicare Medical Practice in Chevy Chase, MD
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SIBO Nutrition

Help for SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth)

It is not uncommon for people with SIBO to feel hopeless because symptoms are so debilitating and it can be such a difficult problem to identify and treat. At Tavicare, we know how you feel, and rest assured that we will provide you with the appropriate testing and quick relief through our well-designed protocol. Especially if you experience a lot of bloating, you will want to be evaluated for SIBO.

Tavicare has successfully helped many SIBO patients. Dr. Tavakoli regularly consults with experts in the field and uses the most updated protocols available when it comes to digestive problems. Where SIBO is concerned, we not only know how to treat it, but we know how to identify and address the root cause of why you ended up with SIBO so we can keep you from having recurrences, which are common. We use both diet and herbal protocols or medication.

What is SIBO?

One of the hottest topics in medicine over the last few years is the relationship between gut flora and all aspects of health. Everyone now knows that good health cannot be achieved or maintained without good bacteria, or “healthy gut flora”.

What is not well known is that a much larger population of bacteria needed for optimal health resides in the colon, or large intestine, and much fewer reside in the small intestine. Also, the type of bacteria in each part of the GI tract is different. When bacteria that should be residing in the large intestine – even good bacteria – begins to overpopulate the small intestine, this becomes a medical problem referred to as SIBO, or small intestine bacterial overgrowth. (In fewer cases of SIBO, it is an overgrowth of bacteria native to the small intestine that leads to SIBO.)

SIBO is essentially an infection of the small intestine. Over time, it causes problematic changes to the lining of the small intestine and its ability to absorb the nutrients in food as it passes through the GI tract, resulting in nutrient deficiencies. At Tavicare, part of our SIBO protocol is identifying and treating those deficiencies so that you can start to feel better immediately. For example, you may be low in vitamins B12 and D, and feel fatigue because of those deficiencies – we address them right away so your quality of life can improve.

The better we understand SIBO, the more we realize that it is a factor in some of the most common digestive problems, among them GERD and IBS. Symptoms can be debilitating, and always involve bloating from the painful and embarrassing build-up of methane or hydrogen gas produced by overgrowing bacteria. Other symptoms can include gas, burping, heartburn, high or low bowel frequency, sudden bowel urgency, pain and discomfort, inability to eat certain foods, and the psychological distress that accompanies these symptoms on a daily basis.

At Tavicare, we are very familiar with all aspects of SIBO and know how to help you – there are solutions to SIBO and its underlying causes. It may take time to fully resolve, but with our expertise, you will soon experience relief, and your health and your life will look completely different at this time next year. Take heart!