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A Functional Healthcare Practice dedicated to helping you live well and feel your best. To schedule an appointment call: (301)-859-4400

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5530 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 1125, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Tavicare Nutritionist, Chevy Chase, MD
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Tavicare’s Nutritionist

Meet Megan Copeland, CNS, LDN

In addition to being a wife, mother, sister, and friend, Megan Copeland is a Certified Nutrition Specialist® and Licensed Dietician Nutritionist. Megan believes that better health is accessible for those that are willing to embrace change and do the work needed to obtain the gift of optimal health. She now helps women like herself care for themselves and their family’s health from a more holistic and integrative perspective.

“Life’s greatest challenges can become our biggest motivation to not only improve our own quality of life but to help others along the journey.”

About Tavicare Nutritionists

We guide each client into building a strong foundation for their health in a “Whole Body” healing & “Root cause” approach
In the same way a house is supported by a strong foundation, we must also build a foundation that will support our health, and there are 5 major categories of focus: Nutrition, Sleep, stress management, physical activity, and water intake (and not just quantity, but quality!). We’ll help you discover which areas of your foundation to focus on and investigate the root cause of your condition.

We have an appreciation for restoring the Microbiome to optimize our overall health
The more we learn about the human microbiome the more we see how inextricably linked it is to the soil microbiome and the way in which we nourish our bodies. We will always be exposed to viruses, molds, and various bacteria in our world, so instead of over-sterilizing our environments we need to support our natural microbial ecosystems to defend our bodies against pathogens.

We’re passionate about food quality and REAL food sourcing – know where your food comes from!
We’re passionate about educating our clients about how to support local, organic, regenerative farmers that are working to restore soil health which is a critical component of our own health and wellbeing. The soil microbiome is directly related to your own microbiome and the nutrient value of our food is also impacted by soil health, therefore it’s critically important to know where our food comes from and how it was grown.

We strive to be kind, compassionate, and caring as we help you improve your health
We engage and connect with you to determine the root causes of your health challenges.  We look forward to developing a meaningful relationship with you and helping you feel comfortable along with your healing journey.

We provide personalized health assessments and recommendations
We assess information from detailed intake forms, surveys, questionnaires, and lab results to determine your unique needs.   We can then create a personalized plan just for you.

Adopts the philosophy of “Food First, and Supplements second”
We have a vast knowledge and deep appreciation for various supplements but strive to help you focus on food as medicine first, and then supplements as needed for areas of their health that are weak and need more support.

Request an appointment

Call the Tavicare front desk at (301) 859-4400, or, complete and submit the request appointment form.  The first appointment lasts about one hour, and includes a follow-up written assessment and detailed initial recommendations. Follow-up appointments can be as short as 30 minutes based on your need. All appointments can be done in person, by phone, or by Skype.

A Message From Megan

In a recent conversation, I was asked why I was so inspired and passionate about nutrition. In the moments that preceded my response, I vividly pictured the long, arduous road I’ve traveled over the last ten years as I fought to regain my own health and ensure abundant health in those that I love the most. Highway markers of countless doctor’s appointments, multiple misdiagnoses, mounting medical bills, unexplainable signs and symptoms, unnecessary diagnostic tests and pharmaceutical interventions were staked in the ground like giant signs on an interstate.

Trailing through the conventional medicine system left me with little hope. Not once was I ever asked about my diet. Nor did it dawn on me to change the way I was eating. Through prayer, research, guidance from mentors, and seeking advice from functional medicine doctors, I experimented with dietary and lifestyle interventions. It was a short time later that symptoms were less frequent, some disappeared altogether. This gain in health fueled my desire to continue my detour towards holistic health.

Over time, as I implemented teachings from my Master’s degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health, removed food triggers and other inflammatory/toxic “food” items, I was amazed at the progression towards restored health.

This awareness that nutrient-dense foods have the ability to prevent and even reverse some chronic dis-ease states is what inspires me! This means that better health is accessible for those that are willing to receive the gift of inspiration to change; a renewing of their body, mind, and spirit.

To get back on track, when someone asks me why I am passionate about integrative and functional nutrition, I can humbly say it’s because I have benefited from food’s powerful ability to create wellness. I have witnessed change in my family, friends and now-my clients.

Simply said, my inspiration comes from seeing renewed health in those that I partner with.

For me, the unintended gift of poor health has blessed me beyond measure and inspired my mission to help others.


Yours in Health & Wellness,

– Megan