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Tavicare Nutritionist, Chevy Chase, MD
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Tavicare’s Nutritionist

Meet Sara Keough, Certified Nutrition Specialist

Sara Keough, MS, CNS, LDN is a licensed nutritionist in the state of Maryland and is a certified nutrition specialist with the national Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists.

Sara’s training and clinical experience in holistic wellness has helped enhance her natural skills as a compassionate, caring, and intuitive nutrition counselor as she focuses on her primary objective with each and every client: To build a strong foundational diet based on nutrient-rich food that facilitates each client’s innate healing process from within.

Sara can provide you nutritional support to help you in all of the following areas:

  • Digestive Healing
  • Lowering Inflammation
  • Blood Sugar Balancing
  • Optimizing cholesterol
  • Stress and Adrenal Issues
  • Weight Management
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Emotional Eating

About Tavicare Nutritionists

We guide each client into building a strong foundation for their health in a “Whole Body” healing & “Root cause” approach
In the same way a house is supported by a strong foundation, we must also build a foundation that will support our health, and there are 5 major categories of focus: Nutrition, Sleep, stress management, physical activity, and water intake (and not just quantity, but quality!). We’ll help you discover which areas of your foundation to focus on and investigate the root cause of your condition.

We have an appreciation for restoring the Microbiome to optimize our overall health
The more we learn about the human microbiome the more we see how inextricably linked it is to the soil microbiome and the way in which we nourish our bodies. We will always be exposed to viruses, molds, and various bacteria in our world, so instead of over-sterilizing our environments we need to support our natural microbial ecosystems to defend our bodies against pathogens.

We’re passionate about food quality and REAL food sourcing – know where your food comes from!
We’re passionate about educating our clients about how to support local, organic, regenerative farmers that are working to restore soil health which is a critical component of our own health and wellbeing. The soil microbiome is directly related to your own microbiome and the nutrient value of our food is also impacted by soil health, therefore it’s critically important to know where our food comes from and how it was grown.

We strive to be kind, compassionate, and caring as we help you improve your health
We engage and connect with you to determine the root causes of your health challenges.  We look forward to developing a meaningful relationship with you and helping you feel comfortable along with your healing journey.

We provide personalized health assessments and recommendations
We assess information from detailed intake forms, surveys, questionnaires, and lab results to determine your unique needs.   We can then create a personalized plan just for you.

Adopts the philosophy of “Food First, and Supplements second”
We have a vast knowledge and deep appreciation for various supplements but strive to help you focus on food as medicine first, and then supplements as needed for areas of their health that are weak and need more support.

Schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment, call the Tavicare front desk at (301) 859-4400. The first appointment lasts about one hour, and includes a follow-up written assessment and detailed initial recommendations. Follow-up appointments can be as short as 30 minutes based on your need. All appointments can be done in person, by phone, or by Skype.

On the Personal Side

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology in her hometown of Denver, CO, Sara relocated in 2012 to enroll at the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) where she completed her Master’s degree in Nutrition & Integrative Health.

Sara has traveled to various cities across the country and as far across the globe as Cape Town, South Africa in order to attend various nutrition conferences that have further enhanced her breadth of knowledge as well as allowing her to cultivate relationships with other leading healthcare professionals. Through these experiences, she has learned how to provide the best nutritional support for those suffering from many chronic health-related issues including digestive problems, diabetes, thyroid conditions, hormonal imbalances, and detoxification issues.

Sara is also specially trained in SpectraCell Micronutrient testing and experienced in interpreting other labs related to stool testing, advanced lipid panels, and thyroid health. Sara’s training and clinical experience in holistic wellness have helped enhance her natural skills as a compassionate, caring, and intuitive nutrition counselor who works with each of her clients to help them build a strong foundational diet to facilitate the innate healing process from within.

A Message From Sara

“No matter how urban our life, our bodies live by farming; we come from the earth and return to it, and so we live in agriculture as we live in flesh. While we live our bodies are moving particles of the earth, joined inextricably both to the soil and to the bodies of other living creatures. It is hardly surprising, then, that there should be some profound resemblances between our treatment of our bodies and our treatment of the earth.” –Wendell Berry

As an eco-conscious nutritionist, I am very focused on helping my clients regenerate their health from the ground level up by nourishing their bodies with nutrient-dense foods grown from healthy, robust soil. I am deeply passionate about supporting local farmers and food producers that utilize regenerative farming practices that work to rebuild the soil, which directly impacts the nutritional value of our food, our human microbiome, and the health of our planet.

The Path to Healing Can Be Difficult – And I am excited to be your Guide along the way!

I personally had to overcome some challenging health conditions throughout my life, so I can truly relate to many of my client’s struggles and frustrations! I have personally seen the healing power of food, so I love guiding my clients in establishing a lifestyle and way of eating that will help reduce inflammation and bolster their microbiome. By working on these areas we can start to restore proper immune system function, improve the digestive system, and optimize the gut-brain connection – all of which enhance many other aspects of our overall health and wellbeing.

I also love to guide clients through the confusing and complex world of nutritional supplements to help them figure out which nutrient deficiencies are most important to correct.

Food is Truly Medicine – But Which Foods?
The world of nutrition is incredibly confusing for many of us, and we are often disconnected from where our food really comes from, how it is grown and how it has been processed. I love to teach my clients how to navigate our difficult food system and how they can shop wisely at the stores and farmer’s markets. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as the “perfect” diet and what clearly works for one person will need to be custom tailored for the next person. But ultimately, my focus is always on nourishing the body and the microbiome with REAL food.

Let’s learn together
I view each interaction with my clients as a partnership in which we work together to improve their health and vitality. We may accomplish most of your health goals within just a few sessions or for some others the process might take a little more time, but the #1 thing I can ask of all clients is that they remain patient and determined – and I will be your guide and support your every step of the way to wellness!
I learn so much from each of my clients, and with each partnership, I become a better practitioner for which I am deeply grateful! I’m excited to get you started on your new health journey and show you how you can fall in love with REAL food as true nourishment for the body, mind, and soul.

Yours in Wellness,
– Sara