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Testimonials - Tavicare
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Testimonials: read what our patients say about us


Dr. Tavakoli is the best doctor we've ever worked with hands down. She has been treating our 16 year old son with Lyme disease and we've seen an enormous amount of improvement in just 6 months. Dr. Tavakoli listens to us intently at each and every appointment and is a genius in problem solving. She was able to find the needle in a hay stack as to what exactly was causing him to be so sick. Her brilliant knowledge in the latest and most effective treatments has given all of us hope where there hadn't been for years. What is the most touching is her clear, genuine concern for our son's well being and healing. We've already referred all of our friends to Dr. Tavakoli and have declared her our family doctor for life!

Debra A. Cruz, LPC

Tavicare is like Heaven on Earth! I was a pedestrian hit by a car in 1998; two heart attacks in 2003; and acute kidney failure in 2006. In 2012, my fourth back surgery left me with nerve damage that left me unable to drive and forced to have to walk with a cane to prevent me from falling or tripping. I can honestly say that the worst part of all of the traumas I had experienced, was the challenge to find medical practitioners who would allow me to partner with them, so that I could better understand what to do to get my body back to functioning as normally as possible. What I wanted most was to have my doctors to be honest with me about my condition and their expertise. I needed to have full knowledge about the residual effects of their suggested treatment(s) on the quality of my life and my ability to continue with my career and work.

Most of my doctors told me to “live with it” because they could not do anything more to improve my chronic pain condition or tell me what could improve or heal the damaged nerves in my spine to regain my balance and ability to walk again without a cane. Too often they didn’t have time to answer my questions and I was forced into the role of a patient advocate and requested all of my medical records and operative reports to get the answers I needed. But finding Dr. Tavakoli was the answer to my Prayers!

I felt that my first visit to Tavicare was like Heaven on Earth because the office décor and environment was very soothing and welcoming; the staff: Carol, Claudia, Cris, Yassi, Sarah, Dale and Megan were very efficient, friendly, and accommodating. More importantly, I could tell that they all worked as a unified team, and were serious about the providing the “5 Star” care that any patient would expect from their medical professionals. My appointment with Dr. Tavakoli lasted nearly 2 hours and was the first time I felt “Heard” by my doctor. She was present, listened to the concerns about my past medical traumas, and how I desperately wanted to Get My Life Back! I immediately felt that I could finally “EXHALE!” My soul let me know that I could relax because I was in the Right place to let go, and Trust the Tavicare Process.

Dr. Tavakoli was extremely welcoming, intelligent, knowledgeable, down-to-earth and thorough in getting an understanding of my overall medical situation. She then strategically prescribed the appropriate tests and protocols that within less than a year helped me to:

• Lose 45lbs that I have kept off because her Diet & Nutrition Protocol changed my metabolism.

• Improve my blood pressure, auto immune system, and nerve functioning via her IV Therapy Protocol.

• Improve my energy level and mood by her Hormone Therapy Protocol.

Every time I visit Tavicare I find it the type of place where the energy is very healing and hard to leave, or I can’t wait to come back for the next visit because I always feel GOOD there! I am now in the maintenance phase of these protocols and I can honestly say that the quality of my life has improved significantly and I feel more confident in my future! It’s wonderful to wake up in the morning the conscious feeling of being Happy and Alive!!

My business has improved greatly, and I am now able to travel again with more confidence. My family, friends, and associates cannot believe how much I’ve changed for the better in such a short period of time. However, they complain because Tavicare does not take health insurance, but I tell them that I have spent more on my car maintenance in the past and there’s nothing more critical than investing in your health. We only get one life to live and can’t regain lost time from being sick when there is something that can be done to get your body functioning again and improve the quality of your life.

I now consider Dr. Tavakoli and Tavicare the “Patient Whisperer” because they demonstrate that they truly care about the health and well being of each patient. Partnering with them has helped me to become a NEW ME! I am forever Thankful to them! I highly recommend that you not hesitate to make an appointment, especially if you want to Get Your Life Back and Live!

Kind regards,

Debra A. Cruz, LPC


Thank you for taking my case on and performing my surgery. I had a great outcome, even though it was difficult--- I can't tell you how much I appreciate the care you gave before, during and after the gynecological procedure.


Dr. Tavakoli ordered complete testing which allowed her to diagnose my problem with certainty. She has a very thorough understanding of her speciality and I would refer her to anyone entering "the life change".


Dr. Tavakoli is the best and before she started to treat me i was so sick from head to toe and I thought that nobody could help me. She helped support me and gave me hope to live on in peace. She never stopped helping me until i started to feel better and now everyday i feel great. Because of her i can love myself and do things i never imagined i would be able to do. I'm so grateful for all she did and I owe her so much.


Dr. Tavakoli is very caring and has a great bedside manner. She pays very close attention and has incredible attention to detail. She asked a lot of questions to come up with a complete diagnosis and comprehensive plan. I highly recommend going to Dr. Tavakoli and Tavicare! The office staff is also very friendly and got me back in within minutes of my arrival each time!


She's truly the best in what she does. I felt completely comfortable with her even though I'm not an easy person when it comes to Dr. visits. She was very patient and went through the whole process step by step, trying to inform me.She takes her time with her patients, knows what she's doing and believes in helping people REALLY solving their problems.her visit is more than a regular GYN visit, which I was surprised because of my previous experiences with other physicians. she checks everything.... She'll stay with you through your problems until she know for sure that everything is fine.In my 90 min consultation (YES, 90 minutes) I never felt rushed.I had a very good experience with her and I'm not going to try any other GYN. She is the best.


Dr. Tavakoli is not only my dearest friend but the only OBGYN who helped me go through very difficult GYN procedures I was always afraid to do. She is patient, caring, and very professional at the same time. She functions amazingly under pressure and stress, and professionally takes control over an urgent situation.


Dr. Tavakoli delivered my last child on July 8, 2000. I was very sick and had to deliver in my 8th month. I was very scared and wasn't sure I nor my baby would make it. I was rushed into the Hospital and there she was, an angel that God sent. I cant express her excellent bedside manner or the time she spent letting me know she would be there for me every step of the way...and she was. I delivered my baby and she became my GYN for the next several years. Dr. Tavakoli was more then a Doctor to me, she was a friend that cared. When she left Staten Island, we lost someone who really cared about the true health of a woman. If you are deciding to make Dr. Tavakoli your Doctor, then you too are making the best decision of your life. I LOVE YOU DOC!


Dear Dr. Tavakoli,

You are wonderful! I have never had a doctor who pays so much attention to her patients, both during the consult and to take the time to write a long personalized letter. I have already told so many friends and clients about you and they are sure to come to you.

All your recommendation are great and I will follow. I already started the hormones and most of the supplements and feel really wonderful! Thank you for your time and concern for me. I really appreciate it and wish more doctors had your patient care and bedside attention! You are one in a million in this day and age of medicine! (BTW my dad is also an OB/GYN so I have grown up with doctors around me and never seen this type of care.)

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you in the fall.

With warm wishes,



I met Dr. Tavakoli, When she was running the labor and Delivery Unit in our hospital, While I was the directer of the nursing staff/nurse midwifes. through our close interaction, I found out that Dr Delara Tavakoli is a doctor that really cares about and for women. She ensures that she follow up on every patient as if each one is her only patient. She is a true advocate for women. She is a strong woman whose practice ensures that all women are treated equally, regardless of their background. She is compassionate and personable but remains a professional at all times. She is entirely knowledgeable in her field and she also keep abreast with the latest practices, technology and guidelines that are issued by all governing bodies.

Meg Sheahan, MSN, CNM, MPH

Through our shared work of providing care for many women, I have had the opportunity to become well acquainted with Dr. Delara Tavakoli's personal manner and her clinical practice. Dr. Tavakoli is exceptionally well versed in the latest OB/GYN evidence, and applies this knowledge to achieve the best outcomes for her patients. She is fully committed to providing the best care for women and their families. I have come to know her as a very strong advocate for her patients. Furthermore, Dr. Tavakoli is simply a pleasure to work with. She is personable, warm and fun! Dr. Tavakoli earns my highest confidence and recommendation.


I first came to see Dr. Tavakoli when I experienced my first herpetic out break. As a girl in her early 20's I thought this was the end of the world. From the moment I "waddled" into the office due to pain the staff treated me like family. I struggle with major anxiety amongst many other health issues and Dr. T did an amazing job of providing a plan to not only treat HSV but my handful of lifelong health issues as well. My health and well being has increased immensely since my first treatment. I can honestly say if it weren't for Dr. Tavakoli, Carol, Fatu and Claudia my physical and mental health would be no where as stable as it is today. I am forever grateful for Tavicare, and cannot express my gratitude enough from the bottom of my heart and the wellness of my health, thank you!


When I began my IV treatments at Tavicare, I was going through severe withdrawals coming off of Suboxone. The treatments helped calm some of my anxiety, made me feel refreshed, and replenished my body with the essential B vitamins. But the most amazing part of my Tavicare experience was my connection with the staff.

Unfortunately, I had a relapse during my time at TaviCare. I ended up getting arrested and Dr. Tavakoli and the staff could not have been more caring and helpful during this extremely difficult time. They went above and beyond to find me treatment programs that fit my financial circumstances and wrote me a wonderful support letter for the court, following my arrest. Dr. Tavakoli is the most caring, involved, patient-friendly doctor I have ever met, and her staff is AMAZING!

I am entering a detox program in a few days and I plan to stay in touch with Dr. Tavakoli and the staff throughout, to update them on my progress. Without the two of them and their tremendous support I do not know if I would have been accepted into this wonderful detox program. Dr. Tavakoli is also helping me find aftercare programs that I can possibly enter after I finish detoxing.

TaviCare is such a great program and if you are really ready to make a life change and get clean, they have all the tools and the patient support you could ever ask for in a facility. I highly recommend TaviCare to those who are ready for a fresh start and true sobriety.


Tavicare has taken me from pain, discouragement, and depression to a woman with hope; one who has found confidence in her doctor along with an appreciation for a competent, caring staff to look forward to visiting each week. It has taken six months, half of which meant traveling from Frederick, Maryland to Chevy Chase three times a week in order to receive the combined nutritional and medicinal support necessary to regain my health. I have to thank each person on Dr. Tavakoli's competent, caring staff who has contributed in making this possible; but most of all, Dr Tavakoli, who has insight, experience, and a true respect for her profession. She's a doctor who treats the patient and not just the disease which creates an atmosphere conducive to healing. It is an honor to write some words of gratitude for the Tavicare.


When I was a senior in college I became very ill without warning. I had a range of symptoms from hives, GI issue, severe fatigue, chest pain, muscle spasms and weight gain. I also discovered that I had pelvic floor dysfunction and vestibulodynia. I started with my primary care physician and eventually found my way to the Mayo Clinic. By the end of the year, I was seeing five specialists who prescribed four medications with little interest pinpointing the root cause of my illness. At 21, I was told that I would be sick for the rest of my life, and perhaps never know why.

When I moved to D.C., Dr. Tavakoli was recommended as one of the top functional/ integrative gynecologists in the area. Functional/integrative medicine looks at the body as a whole and seeks to address the underlying causes of disease. It is also a preventive approach to healthcare that involves longer visits with your doctor, comprehensive lab work, and coordinating care with your physician.

Continuing my medical care through Dr. Tavakoli could not have been a better decision. Together, we identified the root causes of my illness and treated it at its source. My pre-cancerous cells became normal through treatment. Not only does she care about treating my illness, but Dr. Tavakoli is also invested my overall health and wellness. Her approach is rigorous but kind, and understanding of my concerns. Moreover, Dr. Tavakoli's practice is personalized, and her staff are well-trained, attentive to my needs, and interested in the comfort of my medical experience. Through Dr. Tavakoli's expertise, I have learned a great deal about my body and made steps to markedly improve my physical health. At 28, my medical journey has been a long one, but I couldn't be more thankful that it brought me to Tavicare!


A few years ago I came to to see Dr. Tavakoli due to various health issues I was dealing with, emotionally and physically. Dr. Tavakoli has been the best doctor I have ever had in my life. She did not just focus on throwing different medications at me, but actually cared about my health and wellness overall, not just my physical ailments. Tavicare/Dr. Tavakoli's approach on health is superior to any other doctor I have ever encountered. With her guidance, support, and help as my doctor, my physical health has not only improved vastly, but my emotional health has as well. My life has completely changed for the better. Today, I am happy, healthy, and thriving, thanks to Tavicare!


During a routine mammogram, the radiologist identified micro-calcification's in my right breast. Before I left the radiologist’s office, Dr. Tavakoli called me to discuss the results and explain next steps. As scared as I was, I felt reassured that my health was being monitored by a physician who truly cared. That same day, I was scheduled for a follow-up procedure by the efficient (and friendly) office staff with a radiology office that was highly recommended by Dr. Tavakoli.

My experience during the procedure was just as Tavicare promised – efficient, compassionate and thorough. After the results of the procedure were received, Dr. Tavakoli called me personally to share the great news. I felt so relieved and couldn’t help but think that she felt the same.

I highly recommend Tavicare. The Tavicare practice truly sets the standard for the level of care that we all expect, but rarely receive!


I was diagnosed with type II diabetes in April 2015. I was 155 lbs. My primary doctor put me on medication to manage my blood sugar but it only had little effect. My blood sugar was still high. I had heard about Dr. Tavakoli from a church friend and went to see her in June 2015 to see if she can help me manage my diabetes better. I was always feeling tired, it was hard for me to fall asleep at night; I had pain in my muscles and joints, and had a depressed mood from time to time. Dr. Tavakoli did not only focus on my diabetes, but also helped me find relief from the other symptoms I was feeling. She did a nutrition test on me and found out what vitamins & minerals I was lacking in. I was also put on a 10-day detox program that helped me jump-start to change my eating habits. I was able to stop drinking coffee and soda, which I thought was impossible at first. From then, I started losing weight regularly. I am now down to 130lbs. and have not felt this good in 10 years! My friends ask me what my secret is because they’ve seen a positive change in me. I’m so thankful and I did not regret coming to see Dr. Tavakoli. She spent a lot of time on me and was very thorough. I don’t think I would have lost the weight if I had not seen her. I highly recommend anyone to see Dr. Tavakoli. She is an excellent doctor!


I began seeing Dr.Tavakoli 6 months ago and my health has improved tremendously! In high school, I struggled with chronic fatigue and weight gain. I thought my symptoms were typical of a growing teenager and did not think any differently. At a physical examination, my doctor noticed that my thyroid was enlarged and sent me to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologist told me nothing was wrong. A few years latter, my symptoms had gotten worse. I had an ultra-sound and found that the right lobe of my thyroid was missing, but again, the doctor told me that I didn’t need treatment. My fatigue got worse and developed symptoms of depression and anxiety. I developed rashes and food allergies and felt out of control of my body. At 20 years old, I felt like I was 45. I began seeing different doctors, endocrinologists, and alternative medicine doctors, but none of them were able to help me control my symptoms. Then I found Dr. Tavakoli. Dr. Tavakoli paid more attention to my problems than any doctor has before. She was very thorough in her approach, running a multitude of tests looking at all aspects of my health including my diet, hormones, gut, and adrenal system. I began IV therapy in February and was put on thyroid medication as well as a multitude of vitamins and supplements. After treatment, I feel like a completely different person. My mood has increased, I feel lighter with more energy, I am sleeping through the night, and I have lost 10 pounds! I am so grateful for the attentive care and treatment of Dr. Tavakoli and her wonderful staff.

L. Stewart

After many years and asking multiple doctors about my escalating health symptoms (to which I always got the same "Well, you seem to be a very healthy woman. I don't know what to tell you" response) I had all but given up on finding out what was wrong with me. I just dealt with the symptoms that were shrinking my quality of life to the point where others made comments. I had gone from the "energizer bunny" who was doing races, throwing parties and was consistently the first/last to the office; to someone who could barely stay awake - much less mentally focused - beyond the hours of 8am - 6pm. It was all I could do to muster the energy to go to work every day. That was until I met Dr. T through a very dear friend.

And what a world of difference the past year being under Dr. T's care has made! I have more energy, a much better understanding of why my body does what it does and when - but most importantly - I have the knowledge & diagnostic information about how to continue to improve my health. I am on a path that I never thought possible - where my body is starting to work like other people's. I finally have a confidence that I am *healing* vs. my lifetime experiences of "sucking it up".

Dr. T has shown a level of expertise and genuine interest in my specific situation, something I have found generally lacking in the medical profession. Not only has she shown me how to improve my health through a combination of eastern and western medicine - but she takes the time to answer my questions (which aren't few) and explains the connections and logic behind each and every step. For someone who feels like they've tried just about everything, but to with no results - this experience has been truly life changing.

Now, I tell all my my "A-type" friends about Dr. T (especially when they compliment me on how good Im looking)! I want them to experience the same sort of benefits that I've seen being under her care / instruction. Not only I'm happy to recommend her from a medical expertise perspective, but I also feel like I'm getting true value from her care (vs. other doctors where I felt like they were doing everything they could to hit a commissioning / billing quota). I know from unfortunate personal experience, taking the right steps to be healthy isn't exactly cheap - but it is a heck of a lot less expensive than dealing with illness.


I have been Tavicare's patient since October 2013. It took me a long time going through multiple clinics and private practices until I found a place that I could trust for my health care needs.

Dr. Tavakoli is a knowledgeable, dedicated, tireless doctor who spent many hours helping me in all possible ways you can imagine a doctor can help a patient, and then some more. Her energy and positive attitude is contagious. In terms of the work they have done on me, from bloodwork to specific lab tests to accurately assess my specific condition to adopting the Riordan protocol for IV vitamin C (IVC) infusions, from nutritional assistance to massage therapy and Reiki, my experience here has been superb (5 out of 5 stars)

I am a stage IV colon cancer patient who has been going through multiple chemotherapy cycles over the last 21 months. This is massive, grueling, chemo with potentially devastating, life-threatening side effects. I had lost more than 60 pounds when I arrived at Tavicare; my body was unable to deal with the chemo side effects.

Shortly after I started IVC infusions at Tavicare my most serious chemo side effects disappeared, I was able to eat again, my appetite came back and I was able to hold the food in my stomach. As a result, my weight loss stopped and from then on I have been able to manage my chemo side effects quite well. This in itself is extraordinary, and the credit goes to Dr. Tavakoli and her team of highly trained professionals.

Dr. Tavakoli seems to surround herself with some of the best practitioners and nurses in the area. Carol, for instance, Tavicare's head nurse, is well-trained, caring and compassionate beyond what I can describe in words in this paragraph. She has made me comfortable with my treatment with her wonderful demeanor, encouraging words, and simply going out of her way to ensure I am being taken care of 200%. The admin staff members are efficient, courteous, and patient-oriented. Overall, the entire staff makes us patients feel like being at Tavicare is spending time with extended family. And there is no price tag for that.

Speaking of price tags, Tavicare's fees are very reasonable when you consider the high quality of care you receive when you are there. Based on my 18-month experience, I cannot recommend Tavicare highly enough for your health care needs, whether it is both traditional medicine or science-based integrative/alternative medicine.