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Incontinence Therapy for Women by Tavicare Medical Practice in Chevy Chase, MD
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Women’s Incontinence Treatment

InTone is a Class II FDA cleared medical device that provides the most effective, non-invasive treatment for stress, urge and mixed female urinary incontinence. InTone utilizes the most revolutionary technology available, while providing you with objective, quantifiable data to track your progress.

Combination Therapy

InTone significantly improved upon and combined two therapies, Muscle Stimulation and Biofeedback to provide you with the most effective non-invasive treatment possible. InTone’s muscle stimulation strengthens the pelvic floor and inhibits the detrusor muscle using a patented stimulation waveform that assures gentle muscle contraction while activating both short and long muscle fibers. The InTone hand held unit provides audible directions to guide you through the same exercise program a therapist would use during a clinic visit, using both short and long contractions to maximize strengthening of the pelvic floor. In addition, the hand-held unit provides you visual biofeedback to encourage proper pelvic floor activation.

Home Therapy

InTone therapy is completed in the privacy of your home, without office visits 2-3 times per week that can disrupt your life. The muscle stimulation will be customized under Dr. Tavakoli’s supervision, to ensure proper muscle activation. Muscle stimulation delivers a gentle micro-current directly to your pelvic floor muscles and has been proven to be an effective treatment for bladder leakage and incontinence. A follow up visit is conducted in one to two weeks to verify appropriate stimulation level and to review clinical data collected. Additional visits are set at Dr. Tavakoli’s direction, usually at 30 day intervals for the first 90 days then every other month for the remainder of the year. Once maximum continence has been achieved, you will continue to use InTone twice weekly for maintenance to ensure no loss of functional gains.

Patented Inflatable Vaginal Probe

InTone has developed an inflatable probe that greatly improves upon the fixed diameter probes used on previous devices. The inflatable probe places the stimulation contacts securely against the muscle wall to guarantee proper muscle contraction and avoid any discomfort. The inflated probe adds to the strengthening capabilities of the device by providing slight resistance to the muscle, while allowing for compression. When a woman attempts to contract against a fixed diameter probe, she does not achieve the same amount of muscle activation with an isometric contraction that she would with a more dynamic contraction. The probe contains a precise pressure sensor that can measure pressure in .01 psi. InTone measures the change in pressure inside the probe that occurs when the muscle contracts against it. With proper use, the strength of your muscles increase and can be tracked using the quantifiable data provided.

Objective, Quantifiable Data

InTone measures real, quantifiable clinical data for review by you, Dr. Tavakoli and her medical staff. InTone is the only home use device that can demonstrate patient compliance and improved muscle strength. InTone provides precise measurements of your gains in pelvic floor muscle strength documented in one one-hundredth of a pound per square inch. Each session is date stamped to verify compliance and the control unit can hold up to 800 sessions. The InTone software allows Dr. Tavakoli and her staff to automatically calculate your weekly average and compare these values to your previous week’s sessions. The data is color coded as a “change value” to allow you to quickly and efficiently evaluate your progress. Guarantee InControl Medical is convinced its InTone device will significantly improve your unwanted bladder leakage if used under a physician’s guidance and for the prescribed period of time. Obviously, compliance with the 90 day exercise routine is essential to success. However, if your condition is not improved after following the protocol properly, InControl will refund your money minus a small recycling fee. InControl Medical is the only company with the confidence to guarantee its product.

Women’s Incontinence Treatment Summary

InTone is a tremendous advancement in the treatment of unwanted bladder leakage, including urge, stress, and mixed female urinary incontinence. It also serves as an excellent tool following pregnancy to restore pelvic floor muscle tone. It’s easy to use, comfortable, and utilizes advanced science and technology to assure results.

Women’s Incontinence Treatment Patient FAQ

Who can benefit from InTone?

  • Women who experience urgency and frequency of urination
  • Women who have weakened pelvic floor muscles with urinary leakage upon coughing, sneezing, laughing, or with physical activity
  • Women who have given birth
  • Women who are frustrated with the aggravation and expense of absorbent pads or diapers
  • Women with stress incontinence, urge incontinence, or mixed incontinence

I have done Kegel exercises in the past, how is this different?

  • InTone is a specialized medical device that combines the use of muscle stimulation with biofeedback to ensure the patient is effectively activating and strengthening her pelvic floor muscles. The use of muscle stimulation significantly improves the efficacy of pelvic floor exercises, and when biofeedback is added it further improves the treatment outcome.

What does muscle stimulation feel like?

  • Muscle stimulation is a non-surgical, drug free treatment option that provides a mild stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles that enhances the natural continence mechanism of the pelvic floor. This stimulation only activates the pelvic floor muscles and helps the user know which specific muscles to contract during exercise. The muscle stimulation provided by InTone is customized for you by your clinician and will activate a pelvic muscle contraction similar to a Kegel exercise.
  • InTone uses a patented inflation mechanism that allows the device to fit perfectly inside of each woman to ensure her comfort with use.

How long does treatment take?

  • InTone is a home-based therapy completed in conjunction with your physician. At-home treatment sessions take just 10 minutes per day. Most women achieve dryness after approximately 90 days. Maintenance sessions are recommended 2 times per week thereafter.

Is InTone covered by insurance?

For insurance claims you must provide a letter of medical necessity from your physician and mail or fax to your insurance provider.