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Integrative & Functional Medicine

We specialize in providing holistic treatments for cancer, viruses, mold, and toxin-related health issues. Our approach combines the best of modern medicine with evidence=based natural therapies to address the root causes of these conditions and promote long-term healing.


Our Approach

At Tavicare, we believe that true healing begins by addressing the underlying imbalances in the body rather than simply treating the symptoms. Dr. Tavakoli, a functional medicine specialist, takes a personalized and integrative approach to healthcare, considering each patient's unique biochemistry, genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors.


Cancer Treatment

WE offer a comprehensive range of functional medicine treatments for cancer. Our approach focuses on supporting the body's natural ability to fight cancer cells, while also mitigating the side effects of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Our treatments include:

  • Nutritional therapy to optimize the body's immune function and enhance cancer-fighting abilities
  • Detoxification protocols to eliminate toxins and reduce the toxic burden on the body
  • Targeted IV therapy and supplementation to support the body's antioxidant defenses and promote cellular health
  • Lifestyle modifications, including stress reduction techniques and exercise, to improve overall well-being

Viral Infection Treatment

Functional medicine can also be highly effective in addressing viral infections. By strengthening the immune system and targeting the underlying factors that contribute to viral replication, we aim to reduce the frequency and severity of viral outbreaks.

Our virus treatment protocols may include:

  • Immune-boosting supplements to enhance the body's natural defenses against viral infections
  • Antiviral herbs and botanicals that have been shown to inhibit viral replication
  • Nutritional counseling to support optimal immune function and reduce inflammation
  • Stress management techniques to reduce the impact of stress on the immune system

Mold & Toxin Treatments

Exposure to mold and toxins can have a significant impact on overall health and well-being. Our functional medicine approach addresses the underlying causes of mold and toxin-related illnesses and helps the body detoxify and heal.

Our treatments may include:

  • Environmental mold and toxin testing to identify sources of exposure
  • Specialized testing to identify mold and toxins in the body
  • Detoxification protocols to eliminate accumulated mold and toxins from the body

Tavicare is staffed by a team of highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals. We work in collaboration with world renown and state of the art laboratories (such as Vibrant America and RGCC), to ensure most accurate test results. This gives us the ability to develop individual treatment plans targeted to your specific concern. Dr. Tavakoli has expertise in functional medicine, integrative oncology, viral infections, and environmental medicine. Together, we are committed to providing personalized and compassionate care to each of our patients.